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December Savings on Select Guild Wars 2 Statues

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

This week, we’re pleased to announce that one of our partners, TOPOP, is featuring three fantastic Guild Wars 2 statues in their December sale! Enjoy savings now on statues of Rytlock, the Shatterer, and Zojja with a golem.
Guild Wars 2 Rytlock Brimstone: Hero of Charr Figure Statue
This Blood Legion charr was stationed in the Black Citadel as part of its vanguard. Now, he’s available for reassignment to your home or office. This 11” PVC statue comes with 10 interchangeable accessories, including a right hand that wields the legendary sword Sohothin.


Guild Wars 2 the Shatterer Dragon Statue
The Shatterer patrols the Dragonbrand within Blazeridge Steppes, overseeing the Branded within. Now, this 8” PVC-and-resin replica is ready to stand guard for you. The statue features the Guild Wars 2 logo emblazoned on its platform.


Guild Wars 2 Zojja with Golem USB Flash Drive and USB Hub Figure Statue Set
Zojja is a highly respected asuran elementalist, golemancer, and member of the College of Synergetics. This beautiful replica features fully articulated arms, including one equipped with a light-up function. The Zojja figure also doubles as a 16 GB flash drive for storing your own knowledge. Accompanying Zojja is a golem with fully articulated arms, four USB ports, and a light-up function on its eye and chest.


San Lorenzo of Oakland held a final

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

San Lorenzo their biggest girl appeared in the 2-1 to beat on the elastic semi finalists Oakland overtime and European champions Real Madrid at the end of the date of the establishment of FIFA Club World cup.
This is a strong challenge and some foul with little chance of winning any team, both sides but Pablo Barrientos and angel Berlanga using time interval, forcing extra time. Mao Rome Kratos only need three minutes to a winner, the Argentina side of the final.
The first half of the year began to slowly one little chance of winning, but is in the second half Barrientos cross from the left side trip to the St. Lorenzo team leader buried volley into the holiday. The South American Championship looks likely to two teams in the second half of the score, but the byrranga into his ocean side by the last 45 minutes, midway.
See from the city of Oakland rare back Ryan de Vries drive through the defence of Saint Lorenzo in the heart of the ball sent to Berlanga, streaking the box edge. Berlanga so well to finish the score to the city of Oakland from an extremely sharp.
Berlanga goal seemed to open things up a bit, ten minutes later, Martin Carter Ruth O almost put San Lorenzo lead but Argentina No. 9 was denied by the woodwork in and area at the top of the evil side volley. Just a moment, Emiliano’s trade have a better chance in front of the OFC champion. Twentieth clear goals but the first contact with the heavy to the missing gun, LED turned to widely
It takes less than three minutes of St. Lorenzo re established their leader, Matos to complete a simple strike from 16 yards after the loss, remove excess time. Barrientos is fighting in the box and John Erwin watch the ball into the clear but feel straight Matos, he did not hesitate to score.
Tamati Williams came up with a big saving and Carter Ruth O to keep Oakland in overtime over South American Champions to. In overtime, Tim Payne nearly brought Oakland level, but his efforts after the. St. Lorenzo to seize the remaining few minutes, now wait for Saturday’s showdown with real madrid.