Nobody SKY submit a sizeable first day you approve PATCH

August 9th, 2016

Happy launched one week no man sky, especially for those who have been waiting years for the title of exploration happy (and PC players will have to wait a little longer than the console fans). Even if you pamper yourself silly at all advance preview, the team had a big day, a patch should add some new surprises.

Players can follow the different experiences of the three patches to kick off the launch of the “only path.” Other new features include larger galaxies, more diverse environment, earth scary type, rotation of the planet, more types of vessels, large inventory, deeper transactions, and automatic aiming system fight rewritable.

So what is coming down nobody sky spear? “Next, we want to add to establish a base and has a huge capacity of cargo space. Time AA and my new cloud rendering techniques should soon come. It really changed the game again, and visually enhance it. “

Consolidation in the Lord of the Rings Online Publisher

September 29th, 2015

Wherein the longest running MMORPG, the ring master (LOTRO) has just announced the first round of server consolidation, because the game’s 2007 release. Long after the official Web site details 10 (5 US, 5 EU) plans to merge before the end of this year 29 servers under the current lineup. Which will remain as long as the server, which will be cut has not been announced, the player will have to wait until August 3 this information.

To help ease the transition, the turbine is to give all players a “free people” gift box, which contains a special cloak and housing decoration banner. Players will also receive show that the world of their character is from a title.

The owner of the ring beorning
Server consolidation is always a very troublesome thing, but perhaps the most thorough outline turbine process so far seen MMORPG. Enter official post on the length of each issue, including housing transfer, priority, problem guild name, and so on. The studio has also taken moderate growth, mergers scheduled end of August and the process begins early next year.

With the recent collapse of Infinite Crisis, one wonders turbines how well other games. Perhaps LOTRO server consolidation is long over due, but Dungeons & Dragons (DDO) also showed its age at the beginning. Many players must have been transferred to the new D & D-themed MMORPG, Neverwinter arc games.

Early Access 4 armored warfare began Aug. 13

September 29th, 2015

Hamuul responded with a slight rumble in his voice. “Now is not the time for self-doubt, young Baine. You are doing every bit as good a job as your father. I know beyond a doubt that he would approve of the wisdom you have shown and the passion you have to see this done right.” He waved his hand. “Let those who cannot see that be off, and find their own way.” Obsidian Entertainment today announced the early stages of armored warfare access the first four will begin on August 13. The test will last until August 30, unlike the previous test, the server will be available online around the clock for the duration of the test.

Several major features of the new test has been highlighted, such as advanced artillery shells and support new cars, including the T-54 and M48 Patton. Clients also been translated into French, German and Polish, all of which will be in the early access to the full list 4. Changes can be seen here, including all of the bug fixes in this version and made subtle changes.

Like the previous test, the main way to access would be the founder of packets. But fortunately, they were randomly test key giveaway will appear again, too.

Welcome to the toy box: In the World of Warcraft is the most bizarre five (Guide)

September 13th, 2015


In World of Warcraft toy lovers, it’s time to collect them all.A euphoric mix of fear and excitement raced through Viryx as she moved quietly
behind the Outcast hovels.

When WOW Patch 6.0.2 version, ready November 13 warlords Delano expansion next few weeks, toy box function will start it.

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game players will eventually be able to use their already gathered all the weird, interesting projects over 10 years to play, and put them in a book like magic collection, hundreds of potential settlement in their luggage and banks.

This will also be the first time, players can see almost all the toys in the game. (Some will be hidden no longer offer, unless the players happen to have them.) However, this toy is the best? I’m glad you asked.these things. Even in this forsaken place, Rukhmar’s light, her warmth, would protect her from the cursed.

Rules: I actually only include toys, not food or clothing or other non-toy items with action project (although I might mention their passing). All the toys, as the name suggests, there are additional actions – their sole purpose is to make something interesting happened. Non-toy items usually add other benefits, such as increasing your character’s statistics.The cloaked arakkoa stopped outside a large hut built of rotting wooden poles.

The list, which the toys in the toy box at the Delano expansion of constant change, but I have a note that if a toy, I picked in a particular category, and become the top choice is not stored in the toy box … it . Blizzard has returned to the game by adding a toy box of toys for all projects, but it is definitely a work in progress given tens of thousands of items available in WOW.Small scrolls dangled from the entrance by strands of frayed rope.

I usually do not include items that you can not run out of charge or in use or Toys “pop.” For example, haunted souvenirs in my stock go down, because it is constantly creating with me under the shade of a point. But today the only way to get through the auction house to hang them from the other players from years ago. This is not fair.

I also did not include the project, although they should be in the toy box, you can not make it because they also have their character, improve statistical data. I look at you, rainbow generators.

I pick my favorite and runner-up in each of five different categories of whole raft. The link takes you to the WOW project page; link on these pages lead you instructions on how to earn every toy in town.

Toys to change your
Not just toys – – the whole tribe project in Warcraft into other race, class, or kind of your character.

You can transform into a leprosy dwarf, ghost pirates, blood elf, or a ninja, for example.

Things like no life? Into a huge coffin or wrap yourself in a big chunk of amber. Assume the form of a huge statue. You can even spend himself almost naked in a giant clam shell in Botticelli’s painting carol “Birth of Venus” (no, really).

Ericsson’s Skymirror turn you into a little watery-looking copy of whatever you have targeted.

Or you can even – one of my favorite toys – ride the bull-like tauren massive pounding from Mr. Deadmines dungeon form to make your character calling people who will listen, “you are there check out the noise! ! ”

But the best change is obviously super monkey ball toy. This gadget turn you into a giant light pink foam, you carry inside you wherever you go ape. It is one of the frequent pop culture WOW – In this case, Sega’s Super Monkey Ball series – but it has a unique look Warcraft, about five minutes.

Sadly, the spectacular super monkey ball rarely seen, from the elite difficulty falling random enemy Lich King expansion (character level 70-80) and larger raid dungeon copies anger. It combines the pickup, so it can not be sold to other players, increasing its rarity. However, it is still there. To farm, my friends.

Toys variation other players
Our next best project award is messing with other players: River fountain in Shado gun, also known as the World of Warcraft super alcoholic.He looked left and right and then stepped inside. Viryx landed on a bare, crooked branch that stretched over the dwelling.

You can use a lot of decorations to transform your friend. Let them orange, put them into a rabbit, the voodoo mask them, starfish stick their faces, they shoot fireworks – the reason may be multifaceted.

Dancing flames of the brazier, and even get your friends in on the action. Use this project, and discarded on the ground there is a tiny brazier fire dancers at the top. If the other player’s goal, and the / dance expression, they became fiery dance Delaney themselves.

But for change to other players the best toy gun apparently fountain, you earn the throne by the Thunder raid until your eyes bleed diving tornado project. (My child, of course, I mean, until you reach 250 stacks you dive tornadoes, you may reach your eyes start after prolonged bleeding, in apparent sympathy, a NPC then get sent to your guns The debuff.)

The fate of the 2.0 update download “millions”

September 13th, 2015

People “millions” downloaded the fate of the new 2.0 update, because it was released on Tuesday, Bungie announced that, as part of its latest weekly update.Crude huts, draped in rune-etched violet cloth, dotted the dim forest.

“Since the 2.0 update to go live, we have been monitoring who is to download it millions of guardian of progress,” Bungie said. A large download numbers are to be expected, as the update – it introduces extensive changes to the entire game – is mandatory for all players.
Fate 2.0 release has not gone entirely planned, however. Bungie is currently tracking some of the issues related to the update, some of which will not be resolved until next week to start both the king.The only illumination—if one could even call it that—glowed from purple orbs spaced haphazardly throughout the forest.

You can see known issues below 2.0 fate is determined by Bungie comprehensive outline. More detailed information can be found in the fate of the 2.0 feedback and support threads. You can also go directly to Bungie’s report problems here.

Release scene captured on all platforms on September 15 at. Activision teamed forgotten and Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski an impressive live-action trailer for it, you can watch above.”Please…” Iskar gripped Viryx’s shoulder as he landed beside her on another thick branch.

Fate 2.0 Known issues and more:

Release of the captured scene: Some players can before September 15, access badges and shader package from Suros weapons arsenal packages, and Collector’s Edition exotic health projects, in 2015 when the fate of all the items will be available to meet the conditions Players September 15, 2015.
Foreign health projects, including the fate of: King Collector’s Edition taken, will be available to all eligible players, when fate: the captured scene starts. The lack of any foreign projects will be re-issued correctly.
We know that is a problem that patrol and Pioneer Older playlists strike after the faction did not give the expected return and complete. King shot was released in September 15, 2015: When the fate of this issue will be resolved.The mysterious arakkoa disappeared into a large cluster of Outcast huts.
Please note: In order to complete before September 15 affected patrol and combat activities playlist prestige and reward will not be granted retroactively.
Who commit time and effort to achieve a higher level or a faction of 25 players will receive a camp task. Unfortunately, after the completion of this task can not be sent into a hairpin. When Destiny: King shot is released, the player who has completed this task will be able to successfully research.
There seems to be some confusion around, you can find new subclass flag emblem solicitation in. The new logo is a need to complete certain content and / or when the fate of the reward will be released a new logo: the shooting scene starts. Players who complete their new subclass task it does not comply with these flags. There will be more steps to complete, from September 15.

The Division: “We Want Time Investment to be Rewarding” But “‘Grind’ is a Bad Word”

August 12th, 2015

There have questions galore regarding Tom Clancy’s The Division, the upcoming post-apocalyptic MMORPG from Massive Entertainment that will be releasing in late 2014 for PS4 and Xbox One. However, we know now that the game will deal with player vs. player combat in a different way along with containing references to other Tom Clancy titles like Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon.

But being an MMORPG doesn’t mean that it will pad out its gameplay like some MMOs on the PC. Speaking to OXM, game director Ryan Bernard stated that, “It’s a tough line, right?. We want time investment to be rewarding, but we don’t like – ‘grind’ is a bad word, you know. It’s not a positive thing. But you can strike a balance.

“For something to have value to the players or the community, it needs to be somewhat difficult to attain or to create, so you want to have that element to it. We don’t want the game to be a grind-fest, obviously.”

A noble goal for sure, but we’ll only know how it pans out when The Division releases next year.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Beta Starts on February

August 12th, 2015

Square Enix is riding high with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which released in August for PC and PS3, and announced that 1.5 million players have registered. The publisher has revealed today that the PS4 version will have a beta starting on February 22nd 2014. This may dash hopes of an early 2014 launch for the MMORPG but it does create enough breathing room, what with all the other big releases happening at the time.

The World Transfer Service will be going live this week for players who want to transfer their characters to a new world. A large content update is also on the way this December, which will include new dungeons, player housing and a PvP battle dome. So even if you’re a current gen player, there’s plenty to look forward to this year.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn provides a free 30-day trial for new users with subscriptions costing £7.69 per month. Have you had a chance to try the game?


‘World of Warcraft’ Timewalking Ups the Danger and Loot of Old Dungeons

August 1st, 2015

More than ten years after the launch of World of Warcraft, Blizzard is still finding ways to keep the MMO community engaged and active. Subscription totals have remained strong since the release of the Warlords of Draenor expansion and new content and features are still being added with each major patch.

While Blizzard has recently been attempting to fix some problems with the WoW economy, the next patch is more about PvE gameplay. Patch 6.2 is currently being workshopped on the public test realms, with a focus on the update’s brand-new Timewalking feature.

The Timewalking tool will scale players down to match the difficulty of old dungeons and up the loot level to match the player’s progress in the game. The dungeons will be randomly selected, so players won’t know what they are getting in for when they enter the Timewalk queue. The patch 6.2 preview notes detail the upcoming feature…

“In Patch 6.2, we’re introducing seven different weekend events that will run from noon Friday through noon Monday every week. Two of those events will be Timewalking weekends, in which you’ll be able to queue up for a randomly selected old-school dungeon with a new sort of “heroic” difficulty: When you Timewalk these dungeons, you’ll find that your character’s power and gear has been scaled down to a fraction of what they normally are. For the first time in years, some dungeons you outgrew long ago will once more put your skills to the test.”

World of Warcraft 10th Anniversary

The loot in each dungeon will scale up to match each player’s current item level, which is definitely an added incentive to participate in the nostalgic events. The events will be limited in time and only available on special holiday weekends, so fans should keep an eye on the events calendar to make sure they don’t miss their chance. The new feature is a great bonus for high level characters and hopefully Blizzard announces similar perks at this year’s BlizzCon.

Timewalking will be available to characters who are level 71 and higher for Burning Crusade content, and level 81 and up for Wrath of the Lich King dungeons. Blizzard hasn’t confirmed a full list of eligible dungeons yet, but we do know that these are the ones being piloted on the test realms…

The Arcatraz
Black Morass
The Shattered Halls
The Slave Pens
Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom
Halls of Lightning
The Nexus
Utgarde Pinnacle
Old school WoW grinders, who are now level 100, have definitely spent plenty of hours in all of these dungeons and returning to them should be a ton of fun. We look forward to finding out if the boss fights will be altered at all to require new strategies or if our characters will just be powered down to their level. Either way, the dungeons should make for a rewarding challenge that offers some serious loot upgrades.

Do you plan to revisit the dungeons with the help of Timewalking? What old expansion dungeon would you be most excited to fight through again? Let us know in the comments.

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor is now available for PC and Mac.


Swords and Sorcery: Top 5 Fantasy Game Worlds

August 1st, 2015

Dragon Age‘s Thedas is one of the most complex and complicated fantasy game worlds out there. Image Source: K Putt via Flickr.

Flying through space is great, and it’s always interesting to see real-world locations reimagined after an apocalypse, but there’s nothing quite like the immersion of a lovingly crafted fantasy game world. With unusual creatures, unprecedented political struggles, and intriguing magic systems, these five fantasy game worlds are some of the best to get lost in.

Thedas – BioWare’s Dragon Age Series
Yes, Thedas is quite clearly your stereotypical medieval England fantasy setting, and its name is just “the” plus the acronym for Dragon Age Setting. But once you move beyond that, things get complicated, and awesome. The geography of Thedas ranges from haunted swamps to deserts, with major cities locked in petty squabbles over land and titles. What makes Thedas a great fantasy game world is these power dynamics. Many mages hate the Templars, who are under the thumb of the Chantry, the religious body of most of Thedas—and that’s just one of many conflicts in this fantasy game world. The worldbuilding in the Dragon Age series requires some codex reading to fully comprehend, but to even the casual player there are fascinating cultural differences—like the Orelesian propensity for wearing masks or the Tevinter social hierarchy—that make it one of the most complex and involved fantasy game worlds there is.

Skyrim Screenshot
As the setting for The Elder Scrolls series, Tamriel is host to centuries worth of fascinating fantasy game lore. Image Source: Joshua Ezzell via Flickr.
Tamriel – Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls Series
Like Thedas, Tamriel is a wonderfully complex fantasy game world with elements of real-world mythology and inventive worldbuilding, but just because they share a genre doesn’t mean they’re all that alike. Spanning five core games and an MMO, Bethesda’s world of Tamriel is packed with fascinating characters, dire political conflicts, and enough magic and combat to keep anyone entertained. From the Summerset Isles to Morrowind, Tamriel encompasses not only the physical realms but also Oblivion, the home of the series’ Daedric Princes, powerful supernatural entities worshiped as gods by many residents of Tamriel. What makes Tamriel extra fascinating is the way thousands of years of history shape each conflict, and how the player can gain a richer understanding for the complexity of the worlds with each replay.

BioShock: Infinite Screenshot
Columbia, the setting for BioShock: Infinite, looks nice on the surface, making it a stark contrast to Rapture’s decrepit atmosphere. Image Source: Delyth Anghara via Flickr.
Rapture/Columbia – 2K Games’ BioShock Series
While it may be cheating to include two fantasy game worlds in a single entry, Rapture and Columbia represent two radicalized game world ideals in (arguably) the same universe. While Andrew Ryan’s Rapture epitomizes self-reliance and the survival of the fittest, Columbia takes what a religious zealot believes to be the most important tenets of America’s founding fathers and draws them out to a ridiculous extreme. They’re complete opposites—while Rapture springs leaks beneath the ocean, Columbia sails through the clouds, rife with corruption. Both are fascinating, gorgeous settings that draw you in immediately, leading you to want to understand how such strange places can come into being.

World of Warcraft Screenshot
Azeroth, the setting for fantasy game World of Warcraft, is a varied place, spanning multiple continents and climates. Image Source: Mark Grealish via Flickr.
Azeroth – Blizzard’s Warcraft Series
Though many World of Warcraft players bypass the story in favor of the game’s addictive gameplay, Blizzard’s Warcraft series boasts a rich and lore-heavy world where magic is as likely to cause problems as fix them. Though there’s an ongoing struggle between the Horde and the Alliance, it’s hard to say exactly who the good guys are—the Horde’s Thrall is as benevolent an Orc as you’re likely to meet, and the Alliance’s Arthas became the dreaded Lich King. Beyond the conflict, Azeroth and its surrounding lands of Outland and Draenor are diverse, often beautiful landscapes ranging from cracked, dry deserts to lush jungles full of pirates. Players can wander Azeroth’s varied landscapes on foot or fly above on winged mounts, but a full exploration of the world takes many, many hours, making it one of the most detailed and involved fantasy game worlds out there.

Dark Souls Fantasy Game Screenshot
Lordran is a something of a mystery to Dark Souls players, but that’s what makes it one of the great fantasy game worlds. Image Source: Natty Dread via Flickr.

Lordran – From Software’s Dark Souls
While the other games on this list are content to hand you exposition and cutscenes to fill you in on the lore, Dark Souls lets you figure just about everything out on your own. Lordran is a crumbling kingdom full of skeletons and other creatures bent on the destruction of the player, as well as a host of godlike beings. Dark Souls‘ worldbuilding is deep and complex—it’s meant to be discovered as the player moves through the world, mimicking the player character’s Undead ignorance about the world. Featuring gorgeously decrepit settings and an epic, dark story, the fantasy game world of Lordran and Dark Souls is memorable for its bleakness and lack of handholding.


The Enterprise of Early Access

July 22nd, 2015

The games industry has been seeing a lot of change these last years in how it both markets and presents games now and as I see it, this has both been a positive thing but also incredibly problematic. We have the ability to get into games much earlier now through the many early access type programs and support growing games companies and ideas that wouldn’t have been realised. We have seen a lot more diversity in the game being made and played now because of this. It’s a great time. But it’s a model that seems to be increasingly problematic in the way it is sold, presented and in the ways larger games are taking advantage of the good will gamers give.

It’s funny, in a not so good way that when the whole early access craze began of paying into development. with games like Minecraft showing how it’s done the price of these models was rather cheap to account for the fact we were playing an unfinished game and also helping out the developer with input and bug squashing. As such there was that discount there as thanks. Now it seems we are actively paying more and more to get into these crippled versions of games and even having the whole experience treated like an actual release without the right to criticism. Like early access excuses incompetence.

I think the most recent case that made me double take enough to cause whiplash was the Pathfinder Online announcement of their opening up to an early access period. Price point $100. I know a lot of companies have been charging extreme amounts lately but really, when did it become acceptable to pay so much for an untested, unfinished and unsatisfying experience… and far more than we would for a larger release? I know I fell for it a little the landmark announcement which served to show just how problematic it all is, luckily they are a decent company and were offering refunds. Giving input, which is often the reasoning for paying in is far harder and more disheartening than I thought with conversation mostly just getting railroaded and certain groups controlling the conversation. Developers seem to only really listen to ideas that match their own as well. For archeage the glorified QA tag didn’t even save it as they never really looked at or fixed much of the problems anyway, not to mention the old bait and switch of changing a lot of things for the release version.

Of course Pathfinder Online wants to take this a little further now and have you pay monthly for the privilege of being a glorified QA to as well, with an active subscription even in these early access time. Are they fucking serious? Really? A subscription during an alpha . That’s far far worse than paying a hundred dollars in order to play a ftp game earlier and approaching the stupidity of Pantheon and their charging for forum access. I’m rather astonished that such a thing even exists yet even more saddened by the fact that people will buy into it.

I know us gamers are a gullible population in general but it’s gone beyond a joke now. The breaking point was a long time ago now and the rest is just rubbing our face in the mess we’ve made but it’s time to stop yeh? I still feel kickstarter is at times a little different, your supporting ideas that couldn’t get made otherwise but even that place is getting corrupted by larger companies and names to get money they don’t actually need. Even once great companies and people like Double Fine are getting waylaid by these new model of free-unattached money.

I guess I’m over just feeling like a sucker, or a cow to be milked which is what most of my recent experiences seem to have become, especially within mmo’s and I don’t want to feel like that anymore. I get that money needs to happen, and that obviously companies need money to continue and people need to be paid but do we really need to go about doing it in this way. Do we need to constantly either hassle or manipulate people enough to pay. Do we need to continuously abuse once great systems or models of development for a greater gain… I think not even a greater gain. There has to be a breaking point here, and it seems I found mine.

I want to go back to when early access and beta events were just random rewards or giveaways rather than constantly dipping into my wallet. I want to go back to when a beta was just a glorified open beta type thing. That’s a bit silly but I just want more finished experiences now… at least a few more to maybe balance the early access games I am playing and enjoying.